Come plant-curious.
Leave plant-inspired.

Every Weekender is packed with all of the knowledge, inspiration, and tools you need to make plant-based eating both accessible and a priority. Hear from the insiders of the movement on the why and how of changing the way you eat for the better.

A recipe for something bigger.

Experience the work of our top chefs as you enjoy cooking demos and sample inspiring recipes. Throughout the weekend, we’ll provide you with not just great food, but the true ability to integrate it into your own life. We focus on practicality, and changing the way you approach familiar dishes and customs to make this not just something you try, but the way you eat for the rest of your life.


Don’t believe us? Just eat.

We know the proof is in the food. That’s why you’ll literally be eating our words. All weekend, you’ll enjoy incredible, plant-strong food prepared by our chefs, and you’ll leave with the knowledge and skills to create the very same meals on your own.


Full Weekend Pass $575
Includes two plant-strong buffet breakfasts and two plant-strong buffet lunches, plus tasty samples all weekend and dinner at Whole Foods Market on Saturday night. Also includes Friday Night Plant-Strong Celebration, and all educational materials.

Friday Night Plant-Strong Celebration
We kick-off the weekend with this special participant recognition where YOU get to tell your story and be honored by the Esselstyn family. No matter where you are on your journey, you’ll be plant-inspired. Come join the community of people who have beat the odds. Your story is your plant-strong legacy – share it!

Day 1: The Foundation $299
Saturday is an overview of the benefits of and strategies for making the jump to a plant-strong way of eating--and living. With the most profound evidence-based research on the planet showing the power of food to reverse and prevent many common "chronic" diseases, this Foundational day will give you the background you need to begin a journey to better health and longer life.

Day 2: The Deep Dive $299
So much of the success in changing your diet comes from understanding the details of how to shop for your food, how to prepare it, and how to succeed in a world that isn't always supportive. Our deep dive will give you those tools, as well as plenty of inspiration and some practical knowledge to succeed in your kitchen, at your dinner table, and with your family and friends.

Dates & Locations

PASADENA Weekender


MARCH 24-26, 2017

Featuring Expert Speakers