Melissa Pampanin is an LA-native, plant-loving queen living in Malibu, California. She plays an integral role running MUSE School, the first school in the country that is 100% solar powered, zero waste, and serves a 100% organic, plant-based lunch program. She spends her spare time running, hanging at the beach, and creating in the kitchen.

Mel first tried out a vegan diet in December 2013 as what she thought was just a one-month challenge to try and heal up some skin issues she was experiencing, but that one month turned into over 5 years and she has no plans of ever turning back. Soon after going vegan, Mel found the whole-food plant-based approach to the lifestyle and fell in love.

Mel started her Instagram account, @absofruitlymel, to share her passion for healthy eating. As her love for the lifestyle has grown, so has her account, and she continues to connect with more and more people, inspiring them with her beautiful food and encouraging, upbeat attitude. She is most well-known for her vibrant and eye-catching fruit platters.

In the summer of 2017, Mel released an ebook, where she shares her favorite fruit-based recipes along with tips to successfully navigate the lifestyle. Mel’s wish is for everyone to experience the fruitful benefits of healthy eating, and her mission is to make it easy, delicious, and enjoyable for people to include more fruits and vegetables onto their plates and into their lives.