3 of the Latest Cannabis Trends

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Here’s the thing about cannabis. 

As it becomes more and more popular, and as it is legalized to a greater degree across different states in the U.S., it’s catching on in a lot of ways that most people probably didn’t anticipate. 

Sure, it has caused a few problems. But mostly—people have been utilizing its new ‘legal’ status in productive and positive ways. 

And this has led to quite a few different trends taking off. 

Now, keep in mind that cannabis use varies. A lot of people use it in different ways, and a lot of people tend to follow the trends they either see online or experience with their friends. 

But it’s also true that there are some trends that have just really caught on to a greater degree than others. 

And in this blog post, you’re going to learn about 3 trends in particular that have really caught some momentum as the world becomes a bit more ‘cannabis-friendly.’ 

Let’s dive into it and talk about it. 

1. Exploring Different Cannabinoids

A lot of people don’t realize this—but there are many more cannabinoids in the cannabis plant than are commonly used (or that are even commonly talked about). 

For example—one cannabinoid that people are just starting to discover and use is called delta-10 THC

This is a slightly different type of THC that basically offers many of the ‘upsides’ of the traditionally recognized and used delta-9 THC (which many people associate with being ‘normal’ THC). 

However, it does so without including some of the potential downsides. 

For example—with delta-10 THC, you still get to experience a mild, euphoric high—but you’re much less likely to tip over into the ‘paranoid’ side of things.

This is welcome news for people who don’t like to ‘freak out’ while getting their ‘smoke on.’  

The long and short of it, however, is this. 

As we learn more about the cannabis plant, it’s becoming a trend to not only pick and choose which strains you want to consume—but also which cannabinoids from those strains you wish to partake of. 

And honestly—that’s a pretty awesome trend. 

2. Microdosing

Microdosing is basically the practice of consuming very small quantities of cannabis without using so much of it that it significantly interferes with your day. 

In other words—you may microdose before diving into a creative project by taking just enough cannabis to give you a little ‘boost,’ but without taking so much that you actually get high, sink into the couch, and fall asleep. 

(This sort of thing is generally frowned upon at work, right?) 

One interesting thing about this trend is that there are quite a few mental health benefits associated with it. 

For example—people who use cannabis to help them treat their anxiety and depression can sometimes microdose to experience the benefit of using cannabis to help with those things, without needing to absolutely ‘blitz out’ and sacrifice the overall productivity of their day. 

All in all, this is another pretty cool trend that continues to gain steam in the cannabis community. 

3. Social Smoking 

Social smoking is becoming a much bigger ‘thing’ now that cannabis isn’t illegal everywhere. 

Nowadays, we’re seeing more and more people who only smoke with friends, and/or who only partake of the plant when they’re hanging out with other people—as opposed to people who are just sitting in their bedroom or living room and puffing away on their own. 

This is a pretty cool trend because it helps to double down on the social aspect of marijuana use. 

Traditionally, it really has always been a plant to enjoy with other people. 

So now that legal constraints have started lifting, it isn’t surprising that people are making it a more social-centric thing to pass the time with. 


Hopefully, this post has shed some light on some of the more ‘recent’ trends to make waves in the cannabis/marijuana community. 

Of course, new trends will always come and go (hence, why they’re called ‘trends’). 

With that being said, it’s also a great thing that so many new cannabis trends are proving to be useful and beneficial to so many people. 

And hopefully, as legalization continues—people will continue to have a good experience with everyone’s favorite green plant! 

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