5 Steps That Make A Potato Chip Gourmet

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The number one snack in the United States is without a doubt the potato chip. There are many ways and styles to make the classic snack and therefore comes in many forms, flavors, and brands. Everyone loves a great crunch and beautiful flavor on their chips and a craving for the highest quality in anything is very sought after for many of us. Finding a gourmet chip is not as easy as going to the store but they do exist in this industry. Five principles would constitute a potato chip to turn into gourmet chips.

The first and most important step in the process is to find the best quality potato. Idaho or russet ones work the best as appose to the golden or red ones. This is because they have the right size to be cut up and sliced into the perfect chip slices after they are peeled. The right size of potato is important because too small they don’t carry the overall visual appeal and if too big they will break apart much easier in the bags. That right in between size that the Idaho potatoes are produced has the perfect shape and size to be turned into chips. The jumbo ones are way too big and the mini red or golden ones are too small so finding the right size and quality is a great first step in the process. The second step would be the exact thickness to slice the chips into. After the potatoes are fully peeled they are ready to be sliced and start taking the contour of the chip. A good size of the chip should be is within that 1-1.5mm range. Being so thin will make the chip cook very easily and also won’t let them come out hard and crunchy. A gourmet chip should be crispy, not crunchy very thin, and air-like after taking a few bites. Getting the right thinness is so critical because the chips are going to go through the rest of the process after getting sliced so having a good base with the slice is going to make the rest of the procedure go smoothly.

After the slicing is done make sure to soak in cold water but that is not the third secret in making a gourmet chip that would be the parboil. Now there is a big pot of cold water full of slices ready to be parboiled with another big pot of boiling water on the stove. Transfer the chips onto the stove once the water comes to a complete boil and make sure they get moved around so they can have some separation in the boiling water then close the lid. Leave them on the stove for about 7 to 8 minutes that way they get a nice deep cleanse and you will see a bunch of starch making its way to the top that’s how you know it’s working properly. Such an important step because this will allow the chips to be cleaned and brushed which the cold water can’t do on its own. Parboiling will also make the chips cook without worrying about cooking and burning. This is a step many companies will skip because it’s a step that can be skipped but will make a huge difference in the overall outcome. The Fourth secret in the process is something that will you will rarely find in any business making potato chips. Soaking the slices in cold water overnight after they cool down from the parboil is a key step in the gourmet process. This will help the chips get a final deep clean with the cold water after the parboil so they can get any remaining starch out of them. Starch will not make the slices cook well or effectively so getting as much as you can out is very important and the overnight soaking will do exactly that. So now they are ready to be cooked and put into the oil. Going back to the parboil with the chips getting cooked they will not get burned because all the starch has come out and even with the temperatures of the oil being so high the slices will cook perfectly. After they are fully cooked to perfection and have that nice light golden color with a slight tint, the flavor is waiting to be added, which leads me to the fifth secret. The chips need to have a great and unique flavor for the final step in the gourmet process. Hand blending flavors with seasoning needs to be added so they can have some flavor when eating. That part of the process is based on what blend you decide to make but a handmade flavor is as good as it gets. A salt, pepper, garlic, and onion mix is a classic blend that always works or homemade BBQ mixes can be an amazing flavor as well. As long as the flavors are hand blended and give you something the stores can’t get you then you have correctly made a gourmet potato chip. This secret is all up to you and wherever your imagination takes you. This also makes the flavor from the chip and whatever the seasoning comes together.

There are plenty of ways to make chips and find them in a gourmet shop but there is a select method to have them come out with exceptional quality. The Gourmet process is extensive but well worth it to take the extra steps and have them be made to perfection. I hope to see this trend more in the snacking industry because there are so many products that could be crafted using a gourmet process and recipe. Chips are still a go to snack when going to the store and finding a company that can make them using the gourmet process is worth the investment. Now that you know what gourmet chips are and the secrets behind them you can give it a try and see how it comes out!

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