How not to make a mistake when wearing different styles of hats? 

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Of all the fashion accessories, hats are the most magnificent ones without which no woman can manage. However, there’s a slight change in this. Even men cannot make it without suitable headwear. If you want to elevate your personality and take your style to the next level, you must experiment with your look. In this situation, hats can help you. You have to examine the different categories of hats and know how to wear them and look stylish as always. 

How and when to wear a hat? 

  • Now, this is the million-dollar question. In the past, headwear was very common. People use it for practical purposes to shield themselves from the grinding rays of the sun and other weather variations. There was a time when hats became a part of the aristocratic section of society. Slow and steady, they got inlet into the ordinary populace. Today, expectations and rules related to hats have changed drastically. 
  • You may think of wearing different hats with different outfits on any occasion. However, it’s not that easy to style oneself with hats because of the multiple options in which they are available. It’s because various categories of hats cropped up in the fashion industry. Some are for the formal event, whereas others are for the casual get-together. They have become a fashion ensemble required to take the personality to the next level.  

When would you wear headwear?  

The final decision is yours. You will decide when you want to wear a hat. There are a few instances where it becomes impossible without a hat. These are listed below: 

  • When it is cold outside, you will become frozen if you do not wear a hat. Hence, you have to choose cozy and comfortable headwear to protect yourself from the chilly winter night. 
  • When you attend a church or a religious place, you have to cover your head with something. 
  • When you attend horse races or other such races, these events require you to get ready safely. Hence, you have to present yourself appropriately. 

When attending garden parties and weddings, you can pick headwear of your taste.

Cool hats for every season

  • Now that you know when and how to wear hats, it’s time to understand the different headwear categories available in the market. Remember that every hat looks different, and thereby each of them has a unique appeal and versatility. Of all the options in the market, the fedora hat is the most typical one. Fedora hats are soft brimmed headwear coming from felt and straw. 
  • They have creased crowns and curled brim. These hats are recognized for their magnificent appeal and versatility. Fedora hats are great for that tomboyish appeal, and they also work well with outfits with a feminine touch. Fedora hats come under menswear staples. However, today women are also interested in fedora hats and experimenting with their looks. 

How to style a Panama hat without making a mistake? 

Now, the Panama hat is the second important category of hats. Like the earlier category, Panama hats feature a high crown and come from natural fiber. Hence, they keep your head cool and make you feel comfortable. Panama hats are available in different sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors. You have the classic lightweight wide brimmed womens hat known for its versatile appearance and durability. 

Women’s hat style: the trilby

The trilby hat is similar to fedora headwear. You can say it is the cousin of the earlier category. However, there is a thin line of demarcation. Trilby hats have a center dent and do not have side dents. Along with this, trilby hats have a ribbon tied around the crown, giving it a distinct appeal and show. Trilby hats are appropriate for the casual get-together and go well with short dresses, maxi dresses, skirts, and trousers. 

Experiment with Beret

Winter fashion season is incomplete without a beret. These are soft, round, and brimless headwear with a tight weaves. This headwear is appropriate for the winter season because they are comfortable and head hugging. Along with this, berets provide you with warmth and comfort. These are casual and thereby appropriate for your dressy evenings. If you want to pull off your headwear and create a statement appeal, it will be incomplete without a beret. You can experiment with the available options in the market and select those that suit your face. 

Along with this, you also have cloches and trilby hats, which are very much in fashion. You can also choose beanies that are appropriate for the winter months. Remember that your outfit must go with your headwear because everything must stay balanced. Hence, you have to be cautious of the color, size, proportion, and overall appeal. Your ultimate aim is to draw attention to your hat and create the right impression. 

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