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Venue Phone: (828) 669-8422

Located in the incredible Black Mountains of North Carolina, our Asheville Immersion is held on-site at Blue Ridge Assembly, a jaw-dropping resort nestled in the mountains. This is no ordinary Y – when Rip and his wife visited the resort recently, he was absolutely blown away by the stunning accommodations, lush scenery and incredible amenities. You will be blown away too!
YMCA Blue Ridge supports healthy living by offering opportunities for guests to refresh and renew in spirit, mind and body. We are a sanctuary; a place of both inspiration and reality. Here, adults and kids alike can find a place to get away from the pressures of the world and reconnect with their spirit. Our natural surroundings provide inspiration for all people to reflect on the beauty of creation and themselves as a part of that creation. Although most of our guests come to spend most of their time with a group, the mountain also beckons them to be alone and still, providing a balance to the soul.

Blue Ridge also offers opportunities for guests to have a healthier mind. Our programming and the programming of our groups is intellectually challenging. We have intentional spaces for community, fellowship, and discussion. They can create a unique work of art in our heritage arts studio and learn more about Appalachian culture. They can build teamwork skills, discover the value of determination and willpower, and develop their emotional intelligence by participating in any number of our outdoor activities.

A healthier body is encouraged by providing well-balanced meal options and opportunities for recreation. Guests are lured to the outdoors by our natural setting, our well-maintained hiking trails, or our typically pleasant weather. Blue Ridge encourages all groups – youth, adults and families – to participate in some aspect of our program activities which unites them in physical play and learning.

YMCA Blue Ridge is a place where guests can find balance and leave rejuvenated in spirit, mind and body.


84 Blue Ridge Circle, Black Mountain, North Carolina, 28711, United States