4 Signs that Might Indicate Problems in Your House

As a homeowner, the prospect of facing unexpected repairs can be a nightmare. When things are pushed to their limit, they break and often cause more damage than anticipated. This is why timely repairs are necessary to avoid additional damage and costs.

Now, the question here is how to identify potential signs that might indicate problems within your home. Well, today, we are going to discuss some of these signs to give you a better idea of where their origin might be and what you should expect when it comes time to address them.

1. A Foul Smell in Your House 

Bad smells in your house are never a good sign, and they definitely have an origin. The first thing to do when you notice a bad smell in your house is to identify if it is originating from inside the house or if it is coming from the outside.

A particularly foul smell that is coming from inside the bathrooms of your house might indicate that you need a sewer system replacement. Similarly, if you notice that there is a moldy smell in your house, it might be a sign of water ingress.

2. Cracks in the Foundation

Your foundation is supposed to be a solid structure on which your whole house stands. If there are cracks in the foundation, your house will be in jeopardy. These cracks will need to be repaired as soon as you notice them, or they can lead to more extensive damage. 

However, the more important aspect of this repair is to investigate why these cracks formed. Either it was because of water ingress or was it because of the ground settling. To make sure of the ground, you can go for soil testing to make sure that the ground underneath your foundation is solid. 

3. Signs of Leaking Pipes 

A leaking pipe can be a living nightmare for a homeowner. A slow leak in a pipe behind your walls can be hard to detect and can cause considerable damage to the structure of your house. However, there are subtle signs that can help you detect a leaky pipe.

For example, a wet patch on the bottom of a wall can be a clear indicator that a pipe is leaking behind that wall; similarly, if you have a basement, you will be able to see dark spots on the wall, indicating a higher moisture content than usual. 

4. Haphazard Wiring  

Another big concern for a homeowner can be wiring that is not code-compliant. There is code enforcement for a reason: every year, hundreds of homes burn to the ground because of electrical fire. By the time you detect the presence of an electrical fire, it is usually too late.

An electrical fire usually starts within your walls, and it can be hard to extinguish. You cannot extinguish it with water or conventional methods, and you will need a fire extinguisher that uses carbon dioxide to suppress fires.

So, if you notice any wiring that is not up to code, have it addressed as soon as possible.

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